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Changing Lives, One Pair at a Time

In just about any home, one can find a pair of eyeglasses that are no longer being used. That same pair of eyeglasses can change another person's life.

Lions Recycle for Sight

That's why we started the Lions Recycle for Sight program. Everyone can help.

Throughout the year, Lions, Leos and other volunteers collect used eyeglasses and deliver them to regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs). LERC volunteers clean, sort by prescription strength and package the glasses. Recycled glasses are distributed to people in need in low and middle income communities where they will have the greatest impact.

Eyeglass Recycling – How You Can Help

Donate glasses and change someone's life. Imagine if you could help a child read. An adult succeed in his job. A senior maintain her independence. And provide a community with more opportunities to grow and thrive.

Everyday, our recycled eyeglass programs do all of this and more. Here's how you can donate glasses and help.


Drop Your Eyeglasses in Lions Collection Boxes

You can drop off your usable eyewear at Lions-sponsored collection boxes in your community. 



Please drop off eye glasses at the following locations:

Superior Family Chiropractic - Chassell

Chassell Township Office

St. Anne's Catholic Church, Chassell

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chassell






Donate Glasses by Mail

You can also package your usable eyeglasses and mail them to one of two locations:

  • Your nearest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

  • Lions Clubs International Headquarters
    Attention: Receiving Department
    300 W. 22nd Street
    Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

Requesting Eyeglasses for Missions

When requesting quantities of recycled eyeglasses for mission use, contact a LERC. Your organization is responsible for:

  • Assuring the LERC that the eyeglasses will be given to needy people at no charge

  • Providing shipping instructions

  • Paying for the cost of shipping the eyeglasses

  • Arranging customs clearance

  • Reporting the results of the mission within two weeks of completion (number of people served and number of people fitted with glasses)

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