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Promoting literacy is one of the key focus areas for Lions. For a Centennial Project, the Chassell Lions worked with Chassell School Librarian, Jackie Froiland and held a contest with the students to design a library box that would be placed outside in the community, where adults and children could take a free book and return a book at their own leisure. Shannon Torola’s entry was chosen and the Lions built five boxes.  Two boxes are set high for teen and adult books.  Three blue and yellow boxes are set low for children’s books. 


Chassell Locations:

  • One children’s library box is located at the Chassell Elementary School entrance.

  • Two boxes, one adult and one children’s, are set at Centennial Park near the playground.

  • Two boxes, one adult and one children’s, are located at the park next to Superior National Bank, near the gazebo.


Chassell Lions Donate books to Chassell School


To support literacy in the Fall, 2017, the Chassell Lions donated $250 to the Chassell School for new books.  Librarian, Dan Wenberg, hit a gold mine when he learned that Book World, a Houghton book seller, was going out of business and all books were discounted by 50%-60%. Mr. Wenberg purchased approximately 40 books for the school. The list includes a variety of books for students in grades K-12.


Some of the titles are The American Fisherman by Willie Robertson and William Doyle; Understanding Michigan Black Bear; Gunslinger: The Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre by Jeff Pearlman; Taking Aim, by Eva Shockey; Triumph: The Extraordinary Life of Louis Zamperini by Janet and Geoff Benge; How To Raise Monarch Butterflies by Carol Pasternak; The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis; From Rocks To Fireworks; Astronaut Scott Kelly: My Journey To The Stars; Stars of Women’s Soccer, Sea Creatures With Many Arms; Read Aloud Classics; Machines: and The Hunt for The Hundredth Key by Gernonimo Stilton.


Pictures show Chassell school librarian, Dan Wenberg, reading to Mrs. Hainault’s first grade class.


Projects like this get finished because there is a lot of help from the community. 


The Chassell Lions would like to thank Chassell school superintendent, Howard Parmentier and School Librarian, Jackie Froiland and Dan Wenberg , for getting behind the project with great enthusiasm.


We’d like to thank DP construction for developing building plans from a picture, and for donating workshop space and help building the boxes. Thank you McGann Building Supply and Sherwin Williams Paint store for discounting some of our supplies.  Thank you Tim Viola from Chassell Public Works for furnishing a gas auger to set our posts.  We thank Elite Sign Company for discounting the plaques on the boxes. Finally,  A special thank you to the Chassell Women’s Club who will help the Lions supervise and collect books for the boxes.

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